Sentence Examples

  • Tight economic times and declining viewership seriously impacted soap operas in 2009 with the cancellation of Y&R's sister CBS soap opera Guiding Light, pay cuts, reduced airtime and veteran soap actors leaving long-term roles.
  • Cerumen is most likely to become impacted when it is pushed against the eardrum by cotton-tipped applicators, hair pins, or other objects that people put in their ears, and when it is trapped against the eardrum by a hearing aid.
  • The Temecula wineries located in Temecula Valley in Southern California, the wine is good, the area is not as impacted and it's just a hop, skip and jump away from metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and San Diego.
  • Though none of us actually jump for joy at the prospect of sitting unguarded and defenseless in the dentist's chair, there are times when we actually go for reasons other than impacted wisdom teeth and root canals.
  • The emergence of widespread homelessness, substance abuse (especially crack and methamphetamines), unemployment, increased incarceration rates, street violence, and HIV/AIDS have all impacted poor communities.