Sentence Examples

  • Even if you need no vision correction, just order UV protection (or choose polycarbonate lenses, which have built-in UV protection) and the tint you'd like-even gradient-and you'll have a pair of customized sunglasses for a small face.
  • Designed for rugged work conditions, these glasses protect eyes from debris and light with a 99.9 percent UV protection with these polycarbonate lenses.This style provides a secure fit that won't slide while you're working on the job.
  • However, if you're wearing your Oakleys to lounge on the beach or walk around downtown, a pair of inexpensive imitations with 100 percent UV protection made with plastic or polycarbonate (possibly polarized) lenses should work fine.
  • Generally the preferred choice of athletes, polycarbonate lenses protect from UV radiation; moreover, these lenses are such a stalwart defense that they can protect the eyes from physical injuries during sports.
  • This compound, combined with shatterproof polyfilter polycarbonate and decentralized lenses, allows the sunglasses to block UV rays completely and withstand heavy falls while maintaining excellent vision performance for the wearer.