Sentence Examples

  • This peculiar little inhabitant of the steppes and desert regions of Turkestan and Persia, by rubbing the imbricating scales upon each other, produces a shrill cricket-like noise, whilst sitting at night in front of its hole in the ground.
  • The eyes and ears are concealed, the limbs are entirely absent, body and tail covered with soft, imbricating scales.
  • The worm-shaped body is devoid of osteoderms. The tongue is short, covered with imbricating papillae and slightly nicked anteriorly.
  • The vermiform body is covered with cycloid imbricating scales, devoid of osteoderms. Limbs and even their arches are absent, excepting a pair of flaps which represent the hind-limbs in the males.
  • - Pleurodont, snake-shaped, covered with roundish, imbricating scales.

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