Sentence Examples

  • This aestivation is imbricate.
  • Is similar to that in Limulus, whilst the imbricate triangular pieces of the posterior median region resemble the similarlyplaced structures of Limulus in a striking manner.
  • With very few exceptions, the integuments form imbricate scalelike folds arranged with the greatest regularity; they are small and pluriserial on the upper parts of the body and tail, large and uniserial on the abdomen, and generally biserial on the lower side of the tail.
  • The integuments of the head are divided into non-imbricate shields or plates, symmetrically arranged, but not corresponding in size or shape with the underlying cranial bones or having any relation to them.
  • The leaves are small and imbricate, and are borne on flattened branches, which are apt to be mistaken for the leaves.