Sentence Examples

  • In the Cyclorrhapha on the other hand, in which the actual pupa is concealed within the hardened larval skin, the imago escapes through a circular orifice formed by pushing off or through the head end of the puparium.
  • It may bite and devour solid food, while the imago sucks liquids.
  • As the life-conditions and feedinghabits of the larva and imago become constantly more divergent, the appearance of the wing-rudiments would be postponed to the pre-imaginal instar, and that instar would become predominantly passive.
  • Of the head-capsule in the imago, it appears that the clypeus and FIG.
  • On the other hand, we find in the vast majority of the Hexapoda a very marked difference between the perfect insect (imago) and the young animal when newly hatched and for some time after hatching.