Sentence Examples

  • Under his ill-omened auspices Saxony sided with Prussia in the First Silesian War, and with Austria in the other two.
  • This remarkable document opens by citing a long series of precedents for the suppression of religious orders by the Holy See, amongst which occurs the ill-omened instance of the Templars.
  • In February 1665 the ill-omened war with Holland was declared, during the progerss of which it became apparent how greatly the condition of the national services and the state of administration had deteriorated since the Commonwealth, and to what extent England was isolated and abandoned abroad, Michael de Ruyter, on the 13th of June 1667, carrying out his celebrated attack on Chatham and burning several warships.
  • This youth of nineteen, the ill-omened son of a madman and of a Bavarian of loose morals, was a symbol of France, 7~22 timorous and mistrustful.
  • The flamens were held to be elected for life, but they might be compelled to resign office for neglect of duty, or on the occurrence of some ill-omened event (such as the cap falling off the head) during the performance of their rites.