Sentence Examples

  • The voice of reason and something of a moral authority, Frylock uses his fries as limbs while trying to protect Meatwad from Shake's wrath, as well as generally smoothing out ill-conceived schemes gone predictably awry.
  • Children at this age are often less judgmental and more accepting of someone that is different from them because the social stigmas and ill-conceived notions of conformity are not important.
  • They may also work to the detriment of all parties if the purchase and loan payments are poorly planned, ill-conceived, and designed without regard to everyone's needs.
  • Twain's publishing house was a financial disaster with failed ill-conceived biographies.
  • 11 This heliometer resembles Bessel's, except that its foot is a solid block of granite instead of the ill-conceived wooden structure that supported his instrument.