Sentence Examples

  • It consists, on a peace footing, of three army corps, Ist, IInd and IIIrd Royal Bavarian (each of two divisions), the headquarters of which are in Munich, Nuremberg and Wurzburg respectively.
  • But under the IInd Dynasty there was a census of property for taxation every two years, and the custom,~contmn.uing (with some irregularities) for a long time, offered a uniform mode of marking years, whether current or past.
  • This outer wall was thickened about the IInd or IIIrd dynasty.
  • By the end of the IInd dynasty the type changed to a long passage bordered with chambers on either hand, the royal burial being in the middle of the length.
  • It was built by Khasekhemui, the last king of the IInd dynasty.

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