Sentence Examples

  • The offendicula have sometimes been looked upon as an anticipation of Francis Bacon's Idola, but the two classifications have little in common.
  • Sturt, Idola theatri, 1908).
  • Sturt (Idola theatri, 1906), and H.
  • (4) Redargutio Philosophiarum, a highly finished piece in the form of an oration, composed probably about 1608 or 1609, and containing in pretty full detail much of what afterwards appears in connexion with the Idola Theatri in book i.
  • This discussion, though strictly speaking extraneous to the scheme, has always been looked upon as a most important part of his philosophy, and his name is perhaps as much associated with the doctrine of Idols (Idola) as with the theory of induction or the classification of the sciences.

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