Sentence Examples

  • A description of Greece (150 iambics, in C. Muller, Frag.
  • It is written in rhymeless five-foot iambics, and is altogether a product of the Renaissance, reminding us of some of the productions of George Buchanan.
  • Nicephorus was also the author of lists of the emperors and patriarchs of Constantinople, of a poem on the capture of Jerusalem, and of a synopsis of the Scriptures, all in iambics; and of commentaries on liturgical poems.
  • This I phigenie was, however, in prose; in the following year Goethe remoulded it in iambics, but it was not until he went to Rome that the drama finally received the form in which we know it.
  • Amongst other works by him of which only fragments remain, collected in Muller, Fragmenta Historicorum Graecorum, may be mentioned: Xpovuck, a universal history from the fall of Troy to 144 B.C.; H€pe$ynocs, a gazetteer written in iambics; Hope Necuv, a work on the Homeric catalogue of ships; and a work on etymology ('ETVµoAoyiac).