Sentence Examples

  • Calceolaria Hyssopifolia - One of the best of the dwarf kinds, bearing loose clusters of lemon-yellow blossoms from early summer till autumn, the foliage resembling that of Hyssop.
  • Hyssop (Hyssopus Officinalis) - A little pot herb which has some beauty grown on a rock or wall, and is worth a place apart from its use in the herb border.
  • The peppermint flavoring is based on references to an herb called hyssop in the Old Testament, which tasted similar to peppermint.
  • A prayer was offered that "for us and all who sail thereon the sea may be calm and quiet," whereupon the doge and the others were solemnly aspersed with holy water, the rest of which was thrown into the sea while the priests chanted "Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean."
  • In this way such herbs as basil, marjoram, mint, sage, savory, thyme, balm, chamomile, horehound, hyssop and rue, as well as parsley, may be had throughout the season with almost the full flavour of the fresh herb.