Sentence Examples

  • On the upper face of the hydranth the crown of tentacles (t) surrounds the peristome, from which rises the conical hypostome, bearing the mouth at its extremity.
  • The hypostome of the hydropolyp may be small, or, on the other hand, as in Eudendrium (Allman, loc. cit.
  • Hypostome, bearing mouth at its extremity.
  • The parasitic actinula is found attached to the proboscis of the medusa; it thrusts its greatly elongated hypostome into the mouth of the medusa and nourishes itself upon the food in the digestive cavity of its host.
  • In the latter the single pair of antennae springing up from each side of the camerostome or hypostome or upper lip-lobe are seen.

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