Sentence Examples

  • Than to let it be known how many acres of errable lande euery man hath in tyllage, and of the same acres in euery felde to chaunge with his neyghbours, and to leve them toguyther, and to make hym one seuerall close in euery felde for his errable lands; and his leyse in euery felde to leve them togyther in one felde, and to make one seuerall close for them all.
  • And also another seuerall close for his portion of his common pasture, and also his porcion of his medowe in a seuerall close by itselfe, and al kept in seureall both in wynter and somer; and euery cottage shall haue his portion assigned hym accordynge to his rent, and than shall nat the ryche man ouerpresse the poore man with his cattell; and euery man may eate his oun close at his pleasure.
  • This is evidently founded on older ballads; we read in The Seconde Fytte, 11.176 and 1 77 "He wente hym forthe full mery syngynge, As men have told in tale."
  • Observe his instructions to Little John "Loke ye do no housbonde harme That tylleth with his plough; No more ye shall no good yeman That walketh by grene wode shawe; Ne no knyght ne no squyer That wolde be a good felawe: These bysshoppes and thyse archebysshoppes Ye shall them bete and bynde; The hye sheryfe of Notynghame Hym holde in your mynde."
  • (2) But his wille is in the lawe of the Lord; and he schal bithenke in the lawe of hym dai and ny3t.