Sentence Examples

  • 89) as follows: - Baume's Hydrometer for Spirits.
  • The hydrometer is said by Synesius Cyreneus in his fifth letter to have been invented by Hypatia at Alexandria,' but appears to have been neglected until it was reinvented by Robert Boyle, whose "New Essay Instrument," as described in the Phil.
  • Of liquid dis placed) when the surface of the liquid in which the hydrometer floats coincides with the lowest division of the scale, A the area of the transverse section of the stem, 1 the length of a scale division, n the number of divisions on the stem, and W the weight of the instrument.
  • The first important improvement in the hydrometer after its reinvention by Boyle was introduced by G.
  • In Beck's hydrometer the zero of the scale corresponds to density 1 000 and the division 30 to density.