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  • On the whole, oceanographical research was being taken up most actively in Europe, but much important work was also begun in America, for instance the fine hydrographical research in the Pacific by the Scripps Institute of the university of California.
  • _ .?, Niliols +?'?khu r i Ay?, N ?0° n 9 L j Khailar Scale, r :25,000,000 English Miles o iao 0 ' N,kgt hydrographical network is very imperfectly known, especially in the uninhabited hilly tracts.'
  • In addition to the foregoing the government has a few small river boats on the Maranon and its tributaries, which are commanded by naval officers and used to maintain the authority of the republic and carry on geographical and hydrographical work.
  • The results are published in his Hydrographical Tables in a convenient form for use.
  • Knudsen, Hydrographical Tables (Copenhagen, 1901); Sir John Murray, " Deep-Sea Deposits and their Distribution in the Pacific Ocean," Geogr.

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