Sentence Examples

  • But years before the hunky actor made women swoon as he bared his chest in Thelma and Louise, he was just a regular small town boy who wore a variety of different hairstyles and trends as he slowly climbed the ladder into stardom.
  • Later romantic ghosts include the hunky, if deceased, Patrick Swayze, in 1990's movie Ghost, and also in 1990, Alan Rickman as a man returned after death to haunt his lover in Truly, Madly, Deeply.
  • They revamped the show and added several new, younger cast members including singing sensation Kylie Minogue and hunky Jason Donovan, the son of well-known Australian actor Terence Donovan.
  • Locals, who have a vested interested in the CBS serial, will tell you that the show's sizzling vixens and hunky villains don't even pronounce their hometown the same.
  • Ty Pennington, the hunky and passionate host of ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition was charged May 8, 2007 with two counts of misdemeanor drunk driving.