Sentence Examples

  • HTML documents are not viewable from within the cgi-bin directory structure.
  • Once you do all of these steps, you can click on "View Template" - and what you get is basically the information you entered, in very basic HTML format and with no real benefit beyond what you would get from simply using eBay's own forms.
  • While it is something of a technical challenge to learn how to use dreamweaver to edit Blogger templates, it's not as hard as it might seem, and the payoff is both a stunning customized blog and more knowledge of HTML and other web tools.
  • HEAD - The section of an HTML document enclosed by the HEAD tag includes the title of the web page, any meta tags for SEO optimization, and other optional elements that typically provide search engines with information about the page.
  • The first few web sites were actually simply links to various files - usually academic papers or databases full of research information - from a central document formatted in "Hypertext Markup Language" (which is now known as HTML).