Sentence Examples

  • For boys, consider buying the High School Musical dance mat that interacts with your television like a video game, or perhaps the HSM Karaoke set if he is involved in the arts or is always wandering the house singing the movie's songs.
  • Since players are likely to have a favorite HSM character, the friendly competition to "win" a date with a certain character can add an extra element of fun to playing the game.
  • What I've Been Looking For - Performed by Lucas Grabeel and Ashley Tisdale in HSM but a reprise was done for the soundtrack, performed by Vanessa Hudgens and Drew Seeley.
  • Given that this Disney franchise is currently on its third version, the first "Disney Original Movie" that aired on the small screen can be referred to as "HSM One".
  • Stick to the Status Quo - This song was performed by the entire HSM cast, including Drew Seeley and was written by David Lawrence and Faye Greenberg.