Sentence Examples

  • The line hich starts from Haiphong runs, in Yun-nan, via Mengtsze hsien (a great commercial centre), to the capital.
  • Besides Chi-nan Fu, the provincial capital, other inland cities are Tsao-Chow Fu (pop. 150,000) on the Grand Canal (an industrial centre) and Wei-hsien (too,000), a commercial centre.
  • KOREA, or Corea (Ch'Ao Hsien, Dai Han).
  • He called the new kingdom Ch'ao- Hsien, pacified and policed its borders, and introduced laws and Chinese etiquette and polity.
  • He revived the name Ch'ao-Hsien, changed the capital from Song-do to Seoul, organized an administrative system, which with some modifications continued till 1895, and exists partially still, carried out vigorous reforms, disestablished Buddhism, made merit in Chinese literary examinations the basis of appointment to office, made Confucianism the state religion, abolished human sacrifices and the burying of old men alive, and introduced that Confucian system of education, polity, and social order which has dominated Korea for five centuries.