Sentence Examples

  • This duty was about as pleasant as a stick in the eye in Dean's mind, but the interrupted householders were uniformly pleasant to him, making the necessary ordeal nearly tolerable.
  • The assembly of the mir consists of all the peasant householders of the village.'
  • There is also a legislative assembly of 29 members, representing 15 electoral districts; the franchise being extended to white and coloured men of 21 years of age at least, resident in the colony for not less than twelve months, and possessing land of a value of 5 or more, or being householders for six months at a rental not less than £2: 18s.
  • Triennial elections of councillors by householders (male and female) on the rate-books.
  • Already in ZEthelberht's legislation we find characteristic fines inflicted for breach of the peace of householders of different ranks - the ceorl, the eorl, and the king himself appearing as the most exalted among them.