Sentence Examples

  • No matter how well you care for your engagement ring, simple housecleaning chores can damage the band, or an innocent sporting activity could loosen a stone and cause small defects that go unnoticed until it is too late.
  • Before the new year festivities begin, however, intense housecleaning is done to prepare for the holiday and to sweep out the old year's bad luck and evil spirits, making way for good fortune in the new year.
  • Speeding up the pace of housecleaning and yard work can create a cardio workout, and walking to a local store instead of driving can automatically add more cardio time into even the busiest schedule.
  • If you want some help for seasonal deep cleaning, getting spring cleaning quotes is the best way to find a great deal for all the housecleaning tasks you want to accomplish.
  • She can exchange the tokens for a romantic dinner, a day of housecleaning, a massage, a wish to do whatever she wants (no matter how silly it might seem) and more.