Sentence Examples

  • This symbol dates back to the Knights Hospitaller and is comprised of four V-shaped arms with the narrow ends touching to make up the center of the cross.
  • At Marienburg the grand master maintained a magnificent court; round him were the five great dignitaries of the Order, the Grand Commander, the Marshal, the Hospitaller, the Treasurer (Tressler) and the Keeper of the Wardrobe (Trapier) to see to the clothing of the Order.
  • 2 and lb/in.', in the Hospitaller notation, to be employed in the sequel).
  • After a short prayer, the abbot committed the guest to the care of the brother hospitaller, whose duty it was to provide for his wants and conduct the beast on which he numerary monks.
  • They gave employment to a body of conversi and labourers under the management of a monk, who bore the title of Brother Hospitaller - the granges, like their parent institutions, affording shelter and hospitality to belated travellers.