Sentence Examples

  • This last tube is probably the homologue of Laurer's canal (Goto, 8).
  • Nearer the uterus than the ep08phoron a few scattered tubules are occasionally found which are looked upon as the homologue of the organ of Giraldbs in the male, and are known as the paroophoron.
  • Thelyphonus and its allies, however, have a long tactile caudal flagellum, the homologue of the scorpion's sting; but its exact use is unknown.
  • The west wind drift sends a stream northwards along the west coast of Australia, the West Australia current, the homologue of the Benguela current in the South Atlantic. The principal feature in the circulation in the depths of the Indian Ocean is a slow movement of Antarctic water northwards along the bottom to take the place of that removed from the surface by evaporation, and by currents in the lower latitudes.
  • TOLUENE, Or Methylbenzene, C7H8 Or C6H5 CH 3, an aromatic hydrocarbon; the first homologue of benzene.