Sentence Examples

  • In the central Carpathians are: the road from Neumarkt to Kesmark through the High Tatra, the Telgart pass over the Kralova Hola from the Poprad to the Gran, and the Tylicz pass from Bartfeld to Tarnow.
  • The principal groups are: the Neutra or Galgoc Mountains (4400 ft.), between the rivers Waag and Neutra; the Low or Nizna Tatra, which extends to the south of the High Tatra, and has its highest peaks, the Djumbir (6700 ft.) and the Kralova Hola (6400 ft.); this group is continued towards the east up to the confluence of the Gollnitz with the Hernad, by the so-called Carpathian foot-hills, with the highest peak the Zelesznik (2675 ft.).