Sentence Examples

  • A navigable channel extends in an irregular curve from the bay of Hoi-how (Hai-K`ow) in the north to Tan-chow on the west coast.
  • The port of K`iungchow-fu at the mouth of the river, which is nearly dry at low water, is called simply Hoi-how, or in the court dialect Hai-Vow, i.e.
  • The population of K`iung-chow, including its shipping port of Hoi-how, is estimated at 52,000.
  • According to the treaty of Tientsin, the capital K`iung-chow and the harbour Hoi-how (Hai-Kow) were opened to European commerce; but it was not till 1876 that advantage was taken of the permission.
  • In 790 the Tibetans were masters of East Turkestan; but their rule was never strong, and towards the 9th century we find the country under the Hoi-he.