Sentence Examples

  • Augustus divided the equites into six turmae (regarded by Hirschfeld as a continuation of the sex su fragia) .
  • Hirschfeld, Untersuchungen au!
  • Hirschfeld, Radet, Sterrett, Lanckoronski, Ramsay, &c.), and show them to have attained under the Roman Empire to a degree of opulence and prosperity far beyond what we should have looked for in a country of predatory mountaineers.
  • Ulrich, Bilder aus Hannovers Vergangenheit (1891); Hoppe, Geschichte der Stadt Hannover (1845); Hirschfeld, Hannovers Grossindustrie and Grosshandel (Leipzig, 1891); Frensdorff, Die Stadtverfassung Hannovers in alter and newer Zeit (Leipzig, 1883); W.
  • Hirschfeld and W.