Sentence Examples

  • Gabriel asked, hands on the hilts of his weapons.
  • He moved closer to her in case the unseen threat attacked, hands on the hilts of his daggers.
  • The Malays also work jungle produce, of which the most important are gutta, rattans, agila wood, camphor wood, and the beautiful kamuning wood which is used by the natives for the hilts of their weapons.
  • The hilts were often elaborately ornamented and sometimes these weapons were of considerable value.
  • The swords are leaf-shaped, with blunt points intended for cutting, not for thrusting; the hilts differ essentially from those of the Bronze Age, being shaped like a crescent to grasp the blade, with large pommels, or sometimes with antennae (the latter found also in Bavaria, Wurttemberg, Baden, Switzerland, the Pyrenees, Spain, north Italy): only six arrowheads (bronze) were found.