Sentence Examples

  • The country was mostly poor and barren, sandy hillocks, with scanty growth of spinifex.
  • The site lies high (1400 ft.) on eight hillocks in a fertile oasis plain, beyond which stretch on the S.
  • Above it are some bare rocky hillocks, picturesquely studded with pagodas.
  • A narrow tract of land along the coast of the Caspian, known as the "hillocks of Baer," is covered with hillocks elongated from west to east, perpendicularly to the coast-line, the spaces between them being filled with water or overgrown with thickets of reed, Salix, Ulmus campestris, almond trees, &c. An archipelago of little islands is thus formed close to the shore by these mounds, which are backed on the N.
  • The older or upper portion of the town is built on the crest and slopes of five hillocks and in the hollows between them, all forming part of the Jorat range.

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