Sentence Examples

  • There have even been books written about the significance of pregnancy dreams like, Dreaming for Two: The Hidden Emotional Life of Expectant Mothers by Sindy Greenberg, Elyse Kroll, and Hillary Grill.
  • Hillary Duff vs. Lindsay Lohan - Lohan's limbs and head were snapped off her body like small twigs, yet she was brought back to life in the Time Machine, as Nick Diamond admitted to stalking her.
  • Although Ashlee may not be a natural talent who paid her debt in Hollywood before becoming famous, she is no different in her methods than her contemporaries, Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan.
  • In modern times, they were made fashionable by Hillary Clinton, who displayed a penchant for wearing them with panache to everything from special occasions to low-key affairs.
  • However, in November 2005, Senators Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman introduced the Family Entertainment Protection Act to make this same offense illegal across the country.