Sentence Examples

  • 2) to the number of four or five (in one part of the cemetery of St Calixtus 1 Hieron., Comment.
  • The Hieron (sacred precinct) of Asclepius, which lies inland about 8 m.
  • The excavations at the Hieron have been recorded as they went on in the Ilpaeroat of the Greek Archaeological Society, especially for 1881-1884 and 1889, and also in the 'E4»u€pis 'ApxatoXoynoi, especially for 1883 and 1885; see also Kavvadias, Les Fouilles d'Epidaure and Tb r03'A?KX iv 'E7rukbpq, eat 9Epa7reta7'CJY Defrasse and Lechat, Epidaure.
  • By 198 ft., known as the Hieron, having three small and one large entrance.
  • Facing the arch, within the Hieron, their rear walls forming one side of the enclosure, are three temples, connected with one another by arches, and forming one design.

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