Sentence Examples

  • On each side of this is a curve formed of two rows of -HH a From Papers of the British School at Rome, v.
  • 6); as before HH' = 60, but in this case R =h = 6 0 .'.
  • HH' = 60 X 60' the resultant angle of deflection is HFH', and this can be determined by the same formula a = h X1200 X 3, but in this case h = HH' = R R 60 60 R X 3600 a _ = i' so that if the sight is inclined to the left I° it will R X 3600 give 1' deflection for every degree of elevation.
  • Still more generally if H is the stress on any bar, h the perpendicular distance from the join of the other two bars cut by the section, and M is the moment of the forces on one side of that join, Hh = M.
  • GG; Flanges on the ore bucket; P, Cinder notch; HH, Fixed flanges on the top of RR', Water cooled boxes; the furnace; S, Blast pipe; J, Counterweighted false bell; T, Cable for allowing conical K, Main bell; bottom of bucket to 0, Tuyere; drop.