Sentence Examples

  • The literature of succeeding centuries furnishes only isolated references; the more important are found in the scholia on Aristophanes, the lexicons of Hesychius, Photius and others, and the Etymologicum Magnum.
  • In support of this view he refers to Hesychius (Oi vcov yaXa) and a passage in Athenagoras (Legatio pro Christianis, 17), where it is by itself, may possibly be connected with 7raXXaKr ("maiden").
  • HESYCHIUS OF MILETUS, Greek chronicler and biographer, surnamed Illustrius, son of an advocate, flourished at Constantinople in the 5th century A.D.
  • Photius praises the style of Hesychius, and credits him with being a veracious historian.
  • (1901); Pseudo-Hesychius, by J.