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  • The teachings of Symeon " the New Theologian " on these matters lived on in the cloisters; it was taken up by the Hesychasts of the 14th century, and developed into a peculiar theory as to the perception of the Divine Light.
  • HESYCHASTS (i)avXacrrai or iluvX& ovens, from ajavxos, quiet, also called 6µ0aX61,GvXot, Umbilicanimi, and sometimes referred to as Euchites, Massalians or Palamites), a quietistic sect which arose, during the later period of the Byzantine empire, among the monks of the Greek church, especially at Mount Athos, then at the height of its fame and influence under the reign of Andronicus the younger and the abbacy of Symeon.
  • GREGORIUS PALAMAS (c. 1 2 96-1359), Greek mystic and chief apologist of the Hesychasts, belonged to a distinguished Anatolian family, and his father held an important position at Constantinople.
  • Palamas endeavoured to justify the mysticism of the Hesychasts on dogmatic grounds.

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