Sentence Examples

  • At first, Maui Jims were only available on the island of Hawaii, but once Hester Enterprises purchased the company in 1991, the whole world got a glimpse of the quality and performance of Maui Jim sunglasses.
  • They were only available in the islands until the mid-'90s, when Hester Enterprises (which bought the small company in 1991) licensed RLI Vision to distribute the specialty sunwear on the mainland.
  • GEORGE GRENVILLE (1712-1770), English statesman, second son of Richard Grenville and Hester Temple, afterwards Countess Temple, was born on the 14th of October 1712.
  • There he was presently joined by two ladies: Mrs Hutcheson, the rich widow of his old friend, who recommended her on his death-bed to place herself under Law's spiritual guidance, and Miss Hester Gibbon, sister to his late pupil.
  • This cathedral contains the monuments of several illustrious persons, amongst which the most celebrated are those of Swift (dean of this cathedral), of Mrs Hester Johnson, immortalized under the name of "Stella"; of Archbishop Marsh; of the first earl of Cork; and of Duke Schomberg, who fell at the battle of the Boyne.