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  • JOHN CHARLES HERRIES (1778-1855), English politician, son of a London merchant, began his career as a junior clerk in the treasury, and became known for his financial abilities as private secretary to successive ministers.
  • In 1823 he entered parliament as secretary to the treasury, and in 1827 became chancellor of the exchequer under Lord Goderich; but in consequence of internal differences, arising partly out of a slight put upon Herries, the ministry was broken up, and in 1828 he was appointed master of the mint.
  • His eldest SOn, SIR Charles John Herries (1815-1882), was chairman of the board of inland revenue.
  • See the Life by his younger son, Edward Herries (1880).
  • 1776), whose descendant, William Constable-Maxwell, regained the title of Lord Herries in 1858.

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