Sentence Examples

  • He seems to have desired to form a rule of hermits, but met with much opposition.
  • The Reformation and later revolutions have destroyed most of the houses of Augustinian Hermits, so that now only about a hundred exist in various parts of Europe and America; in Ireland they are relatively numerous, having survived the penal times.
  • Such are ascetics, hermits and the like, whose whole object is the realization of their highest selves.
  • In the Woldeba district hermits dress in ochre-yellow cloths, while the priests of some sects wear hides dyed red.
  • But the darkest period was succeeded by the dawn of a reformation; travelling logicians were willing to maintain these against all the world; whilst here and there ascetics strove to raise themselves above the gods, and hermits earnestly sought for some satisfactory solution of the mysteries of life.