Sentence Examples

  • And while folklore places another uses for black cohosh as an herb to induce labor, it should never be used for this purpose except under the supervision of an herbalist, nurse midwife, or skilled naturopathic physician.
  • Western people hoping to make use of these remedies are most likely to be successful if doing so under the consultation of a qualified Tibetan physician or a Western herbalist who is very familiar with Tibetan medicine.
  • Some natural healing systems, such as homeopathy, are regarded as generally safe, while others, such as some herbs, should be used only under the guidance of a skilled healer, herbalist, naturopath or physician.
  • Always check with an herbalist before trying to make tea from wild berries to ensure that you've picked the right ones, and do check with your health care provider before trying this or any other herbal remedy.
  • The following list of herbs to provide immune system support should be reviewed by your physician, naturopath or an herbalist to ensure they do not interact with any medications or medical conditions.