Sentence Examples

  • Many backpack duffels, far from being the heavy-duty hiking items seen on students traveling through Europe, are in fact convertible duffel bags that you might use for carrying serious exercise gear or something similar.
  • Be sure that you select a quality cover made from quality, heavy-duty vinyl and that has a liner designed to keep moisture from seeping through to the grill and that will absorb any moisture that does get through.
  • You will need to cover the entire planter with burlap, wrapping it securely around the planter itself, and adding a layer of heavy-duty plastic or a plastic tarp over the entire terra cotta or stone surface.
  • Home Health Direct has a pair of heavy-duty washable briefs for $31.00 that were designed to remain comfortable and lightweight while wicking away moisture and locking it into a safety pocket.
  • Look for a pair of Western-style waterproof clogs in a heavy-duty cowhide with water resistance, and then use a waterproofing treatment on your footwear to better protect your feet.