Sentence Examples

  • This green surrounding of the village forms a pleasing contrast to this otherwise bleak, barren, heathy district.
  • As for the food you feed your cat, the recent food recall has taught us that commercial feeds probably aren't as heathy for our pets as we once believed.
  • Repens and other dwarf kinds are useful for binding heathy or sandy soil.
  • Peat soil is largely employed for the culture of such plants as rhododendrons, azaleas, heaths, &c. In districts where heather and gritty soil predominate, the peat soil is poor and unprofitable, but selections from both the heathy and the richer peat soils, collected with judgment, and stored in a dry part of the compost yard, are essential ingredients in the cultivation of many choice pot plants, such as the Cape heaths and many of the Australian plants.
  • The plateau culminates in the barren heathy upland of Exmoor, which slopes gently southward from a general elevation of 1600 ft., and is almost without inhabitants.

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