Have-t Definition

1662, anonymous, Rump, page #73.
Yet ’cause the Rout will have’t perform’d by you,
And long to see done what they dare not Doe.
1698, L. Menton, William Coward, Matthew Prior & John Oldham, Money Maſters all Things, page #75.
Then other whiles for outer Soles they raiſe,
Such poor thin Hides by their unlawful ways,
Which they well know, for ſuch uſe are not fit,
Theſe Crafts they uſe more Money for to get,
Than lawful ways can compaſs them, or bring .
And thus we ſee Money’s the only thing.
At which all Trades and Myſteries do look,
And are reſolv’d to have’t by Hook or Crook.