Sentence Examples

  • As book three climbed to the number one spot on the hardback bestseller charts, demand for the first two Harry Potter books jumped, and they landed amid titles listed at the top of the paperback bestseller list.
  • This hardback volume includes maps, paintings, sketches and 1,000 photos used to chronicle not only the weapons introduced in Lord of the Rings, but every battle ground and type of warrior who fought upon it.
  • It is vital to remember that even though a textbook is a file on the computer rather than a hardback on a student's desk, that it will provide a wealth of information necessary for completing your courses.
  • This version comes with the full game, two bonus DVD videos, a hardback mini-book, a fold-out poster, and a special handbook.
  • Beautiful hardback books can be found used and double as a design element when they are carefully stacked in a bookshelf.