Sentence Examples

  • (literally witnesses) " poor whites," the name given by the Boers to the landless whites, hangers-on at farms, &c.
  • Weight M, and the movement of the beam and its hangers proceeds farther in the same direction.
  • Lifts the bar F again by acting on the pin G' so that the bar F does not touch the stirrups at H and the beam and hangers are free to move.
  • In so far as these had other causes than the Anglo-Saxon love of faction, they were due to the formation by the loyalists, their descendants and hangers-on of a clique who more and more engrossed political and social power.
  • The new prince, who was compelled to purchase his elevation with a heavy bribe, proceeded to the country which he was selected to govern, and of the language of which he was in nearly every case totally ignorant, accompanied by a horde of needy hangers-on; he and his acolytes counted on recouping themselves in as short a time as possible for their initial outlay and in laying by a sufficiency to live on after the termination of the prince's brief authority.