Sentence Examples

  • The first calculation or publication of Briggian or common logarithms of trigonometrical functions was made in 1620 by Edmund Gunter, who was Briggs's colleague as professor of 1 It was certainly published after Napier's death, as Briggs mentions his " librum posthumum."
  • An account has now been given of Napier's invention and its publication, the transition to decimal logarithms, the calculation of the tables by Briggs, Vlacq and Gunter, as well as of the claims of Byrgius and the method of prosthaphaeresis.
  • EDMUND GUNTER (1581-1626), English mathematician, of Welsh extraction, was born in Hertfordshire in 1581.
  • There is reason to believe that Gunter was the first to discover (in 1622 or 1625) that the magnetic needle does not retain the same declination in the same place at all times.
  • Gunter's Scale (generally called by seamen the Gunter) is a large plane scale, usually 2 ft.