Sentence Examples

  • The whole oat groats (minimally processed oats) are ground and then sifted.
  • Groats or grits are the whole kernel from which the husk is removed.
  • To this the dietines, or local diets, of Great Poland, and Little Poland, agreed, but at the last moment the whole project foundered on the question who was the proper custodian of the new assessment rolls, and the king had to be content with the renewal of former subsidies, varying from twelve to fifteen groats per hide of land for three years.
  • The first general assembly of which we have certain notice is the zjazd walny which was summoned to Koszyce in November 1404, to relieve the financial embarrassments of Wladislaus, and granted him an extraordinary subsidy of twenty groats per hide of land to enable him to purchase Dobrzyn from the Teutonic Knights.
  • But in hundreds of villages there were no strong residents, and the poorest cottager had to pay his three groats.