Sentence Examples

  • Of Spain, and allied himself with Venice and the Grisons to expel the Spaniards from the Valtelline.
  • Poschiavo in the Grisons) but was printed by John Wolfe in London, where Castelvetri was staying; the name of the alleged printer is an anagram of Jacobum Castelvetrum.
  • The Rhine rises in the mountains of the Swiss canton of the Grisons, and flows for 233 m.
  • To Coire, the capital of the canton of the Grisons, and then turn towards the N., past Ragatz, the valley broadening out, and the river being joined on the right by the Landquart and the Ill, before it expands into the Lake of Constance.
  • The bishopric still exists, with jurisdiction over the Cantons of the Grisons, Glarus, Zurich, and the three Forest Cantons, as well as the Austrian principality of Liechtenstein.