Sentence Examples

  • Grignard (Comptes Rendus, 1900 et seq.) showed that aldehydes combine with magnesium alkyl iodides (in absolute ether solution) to form addition products, which are decomposed by water with the formation of secondary alcohols, thus from acetaldehyde and magnesium methyl iodide, isopropyl alcohol is obtained.
  • Soc., 1904, 20, p. 15) has used silicon halides with the Grignard reagent: C2H,MgBr(+SiC14)-C2HiSiC13(-1-MgBrPh)--> Ph C 2 H 1.
  • Bamberger), and by the action of the Grignard reagent on quinones (Bamberger).
  • Grignard (Comptes rendus, 1900 et seq.) observed that magnesium and alkyl or aryl halides combined together in presence of anhydrous ether at ordinary R temperatures (with the appearance of brisk boiling) to form compounds of the type RMgX(R = an alkyl or aryl group and X = halogen).
  • In preparing the Grignard reagent the commencement of the reaction is accelerated by a trace of iodine.