Sentence Examples

  • In addition the Greenlanders are allowed to order goods from private dealers.
  • Out of the payment five-sixths are given to the sellers, and onesixth devoted to the Greenlanders' public fund, spent in " public works," in charity, and on other unforeseen contingencies.
  • Greenland, like Iceland, had a republican organization up to the years 1247 to 1261, when the Greenlanders were induced to swear allegiance to the king of Norway.
  • He was most successful in his translation of popular song, in which he shows a rare sympathetic insight into the various feelings and ideas of peoples as unlike as Greenlanders and Spaniards, Indians and Scots.
  • The fact that his successor as bishop was appointed in 1123 would seem to indicate that the Greenlanders had information that Eric had perished.