Sentence Examples

  • Greenish colour, so that they offer no attractions to insect visitors and their form is correspondingly regular.
  • The perianth consists of five or six oblong greenish lobes, within which is found a tuft, consisting of a large number of stamens, each of which has a very short filament and an oblong two-lobed anther bursting longitudinally, and surmounted by an oblong lobe, which is the projecting end of the connective.
  • A greenish alloy used by goldsmiths contains 70% of silver and 30% of gold.
  • The dark base of the mountainous thunderheads had a greenish tinge.
  • All the other examples have the lower portion covered in like manner by a network of circles standing nearly a quarter of an inch from the body of the cup. An example connected with the specimens just described is the cup belonging to Baron Lionel de Rothschild; though externally of an opaque greenish colour, it is by transmitted light of a deep red.