Sentence Examples

  • "Grebes" - Podiceps, Latham.
  • Game birds include ducks, geese, plovers, snipe, loons, grebes, terns, rails, the woodcock and the ruffed grouse; quails are scarce except on Long Island, where a number or young birds are liberated each year, and by the same mea 's a supply of pheasants is maintained in some parts of the state.
  • Large numbers of grebes - great crested, eared, and little, - gulls and pelicans frequent the lake.
  • Eared grebes and ring-billed gulls breed on the sloughs of the plains, and rarely the white pelican nests about the lake shores.
  • In the marshes of the Salt Lake breed grebes, gulls and terns, and formerly the white pelican.

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