Sentence Examples

  • The crowning trophies of gravitational astronomy in the r8th century were Laplace's explanations of the " great inequality ".
  • When we know the mass of the earth in gravitational measure, its product by the denominator of the fraction just mentioned gives the mass of the sun in gravitational measure.
  • The problems of gravitational astronomy engaged the chief part of Hansen's attention.
  • But as things are the watersurface is broken by land, and the mean density of the substance of the land is 2 6 times as great as that of sea-water, so that the gravitational attraction of the land must necessarily cause a heaping up of the sea around the coasts, forming what has been called the continental wave, and leaving the sea-level lower in mid-ocean.
  • For many purposes a gravitational system of measurement is most natural; thus we speak of a force of so many pounds or so many kilogrammes.